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The Government gives green light to draft a new law regulating the activity of trade, services and fairs

September 5th. 2013

The Government , on the proposal Department of Enterprise and Employment, has approved the preliminary report of the draft bill regulating the activity of trade, services and fairs. This agreement authorizes the Department to draft the text of this new law , to regulate the Catalan business model for the next decade . In this sense , the new law has to integrate into a single legislative text legislation on trade , services and fairs, currently scattered in four different regulatory blocks ( up business , selling patterns , sales promotion activities , practices banned commercial schedules , commercial equipment and fairground activities ) .
With the new text , the Government should take into account the evolution experienced trade and make a forecast for the future to set a new unified regulatory framework adapted to new needs and new environments. The aim of the initiative is to ensure the consolidation and projection for the future success of this model has been and is the Catalan model of trade. He also wants to advance administrative simplification by removing unnecessary burdens and increase legal certainty for businesses by clarifying the different concepts that shape the organization of trade and services.
This legislative initiative will repeal and replace the following standards: Legislative Decree in January 1993 , to March 9 on internal trade , by approving the consolidation into a single text of the provisions of the Act in January 1983 , of February 18 , and Act 23 , 1991, to November 29 , the Act in August 2004 , of 23 December , trading hours , Decree law in January 2009 , of 22 December , regulating commercial facilities , the Act in August 1994 , 25 May , activity centers, and the recently approved Decree law in April 2012 , of October 30 , measures regarding business hours and certain promotional activities. You should also be subject to this compilation 11990 Law of January 8 , market discipline and defense of consumers and users, who , despite not remain current in the field of consumption , provides for certain offenses concerning internal trade.
A policy with structural vocation of permanence as it should this need to build the highest political and social consensus . Therefore, in preparing the draft, the Department of Enterprise and Employment will continue dialogue with organizations representing the commercial world , with municipal entities and political groups .

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