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Support and Protection Plan of Barcelona's emblematic establishments

April 1st. 2014

This is the link of the brochure that the City Council has published regarding the Plan of Protection and Support of Barcelona's emblematic establishments .

The Special Plan for the Protection and Support of establishments emblematic aims recognition, preservation and promotion of more than 350 unique shops in the city.

In the first phase , and as a measure of urgency, be carried out three actions:

One . Preparation and publication of a relationship or single census emblematic establishments . This task will be started from an initial selection of 389 businesses conducted by the City Council , which is available on the Web

Two . Suspension for a period of one year from obtaining building permits and activities in these establishments , to prevent changes or modifications dismantled or counteract these places .

This suspension does not invalidate licenses authorizing actions to maintain or restore the property, as long as you respect the elements that you want to preserve . The involvement of the suspension will be reviewed as soon as it is approved protection plan .

Three . Implementation of a comprehensive service to establish symbolic order of a monitoring each case study and the difficulties of viability of the business. This service will inform and provide support and legal advice and business establishments as well as the ability to access a mediation service .

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