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Barna Centre


October 3rd. 2019

In Barcelona, ​​a situation of extreme concern related to security has been generated. This is indicated both by the objective data of the police bodies and by the increase in the perception of insecurity by the citizens. A complex situation like this can only be approached from a broad perspective. To achieve the optimum levels of security that Barcelona and Barcelona deserve to enjoy in their city, a comprehensive approach is essential and in this regard, the Department of Interior has decided to promote the development of a Strategic Plan. "Barcelona, ​​Safe City", presented at the Local Security Board of Barcelona, ​​in which, with the active participation of the Barcelona City Council, and entities such as Barna Center, the public policies of the city and the commitments and actions of all public administrations involved will be defined.

The first meetings have already been held in the course of this summer to define the lines of work: normative and judicial actions, improvement of police efficiency and social cohesion, reduction of crimes in the public space, in transport, in Commercial spaces and neighborhoods.

From Barna Centre we will continue collaborating for the improvement of the area from various initiatives.

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