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Fees for commercial waste collection 2013

January 29th. 2013

Once again, we provide public prices for the provision of commercial and industrial waste collection authorities to asimilables 2013, included in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona 2013. Please remember you are bound to payment to all holders of commercial waste generating activities that use municipal garbage collection, and that the waste should be separated at source with cntenerització necessarily specific.

The amount to be paid by each establishment is given by the surface and a coefficient which depends on the activity.

For establishments with 25 to 50 m2 - € 132.32 per year
For establishments with 50 to 250 m2 - € 156.91 per year
For businesses with more than 250 m2 - € 312.62 per year
For businesses that generate more than 900 liters of organic waste, or over 900 liters weekly paper, cardboard, glass bottles - the amount will be given based on the number of containers in service.

The coefficient multiplied by the activity above the amount depending on the type of waste and the activity:

Professionals and entrepreneurs classified waste generated - coefficient 1
Textile shops and offices generate waste paper and cardboard - 1.5 coefficient
Leisure, entertainment and bars that generate waste, paper and cardboard, glass and packaging - coefficient 2
Food stores, which generate waste, paper, cardboard and organic - 2.5 coefficient
Restoration services, which generate waste, paper and cardboard, glass containers and organic - coefficient 3

This ratio, however, may be reduced in the event that the establishment has contracted a waste collection privately with authorized waste manager for the Waste Agency of Catalonia ("waste group 3" for organic "waste group 2" for the other fractions), as follows:

Private collection of paper and cardboard - reduction coefficient of -0.5
Private collection containers - reduction coefficient of -0.5
Private collection of glass - reduction coefficient -0.25
Private collection of organic waste - reduction coefficient -1.75
Private collection of waste - reduction coefficient of -1.0

Also remember that those associated Barna Centre enjoy an automatic 10% discount on the total liquidation.

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