Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Activity Census

December 9th. 2010

Ciutat Vella and especially the area of Barna Centre, is the area of highest density and variety of commercial and economic activities in the city of Barcelona. The City Council has conducted a census with the activities of the stores because the Pla d'Usos de Ciutat Vella limits the new licenses to any activities. This census wants to be useful to new entrepreneurs, to the administration and to all citizens, for querying ( / ciutatvella) business license of all commercial stores. We suggest test if your data is updated and correct and we remind you can call us on 93 318 77 44 if you need to do some procedure or you have any doubt.

Our members

Pastisseria Santa Clara
System Action
Òptica Sisquella
Casa Felix
Sombrerería Mil