Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Wellcome to Christmas

December 12th. 2016

From Barna Centre we invite you every year to welcome Christmas between games and hot chocolate with the smallest of the House. Once again the Trade Gothic district you want to bring the excitement of these dates to all the families of the old city and to each of the boys and girls from all over the city of Barcelona that we wish to accompany

We look forward to the next Thursday 15 at 17hores to participate in the Festival that will be held the Plaza Sant Josep Oriol.

Have the animation with the spectacle of the company méstumacat, with music, dancing and gifts when we do shit Tió giant.
For large and small, chocolate and melindros dance of the Giants of the Pi. Also a substitu-for girls and kids in the neighborhood and to all the families that come to see's.

Our members

Floristeria Jardí
Hotel Suizo ***
Hotel Catalonia Portal l'Àngel ***
Gelateria Giovanni