Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Valoration of Christmas Campaign

January 16th. 2012

Five days after the start of sales, Barna Centre evaluates the start of sales, Christmas campaign and the incidence of the ice rink sign .

Barna Centre, main shopping and open air shopping center in the Gothic Quarter, comprises the 19 trade associations of the main shopping streets of the city.

Evaluation of the 2011 Christmas Campaign

The stagnation of the economy and the continued reduction in household income have also weakened consumption during the Christmas Campaign 2011-2012. It continues to detect caution and lack of confidence by the consumer.

For commercial formats, small chains and family businesses with a single point of sale, make a much more negative value indicating that they have sold less and less margin. By sector: the equipment of the person, has a slope and discounts and start during the month of December to enable the consumer; Hotel and Restaurant quarter indicate recovery during the month of December (after a drop in September and October) although it closes with similar figures for 2010. Library and culture close below December 1, 2010 and worst season of Kings.

For opening the holidays allowed to December, 6 (Tuesday), 8 (Thursday), 11 (Sunday) and 18 (Sunday), only 6 and 18 linked to affluence generated purchase.

Retail sales in the last quarter of 2011 do not indicate recovery from the 2010 and the sale of campaign focused on the last day of December.

Evaluation of Ice Rink

The initiative has been maintained for 38 days (from December 3, 2011 to January 8, 2012) and close to official figures of 400,000 visitors and 90,000 tickets sold. Barna establishments have been allocated 80,000 tickets Centre 2x1 but many stores have had them to divide without being tied to minimum purchase.

By Barna Centre streets, the action generally qualifies as a very positive and very popular among the public of the city and outside, which has caused increased influx of visitors (including family profile recovery visitor and counties) and media attention in the media.

Although this is not considered that the flow has translated into sales, and has spread throughout enough since it has been concentrated in the area near the track (Avenida Portal de Angel, Comtal, Santa Anna, Portaferrissa ) without sufficient flow in the south (Call, Jaume I, Avinyó ,...)

Representatives of the streets are mostly supporters Barna Centre repeat the experience in coming years.

Business Climate Survey at the start of the 2012 sales campaign

The beginning of the sales campaign qualifies broadly positive.

Is a strong influx of visitors and shopping environment in our streets, which also indirectly favors the point of sale discounts are not conditioned by the willingness of start dates (Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 January) and encouraged by heavy initial discounts.

By sector, the equipment of the person (textiles, footwear and accessories), has a higher turnover rate, recovery of household consumption and investment, stagnant during the campaign for the cold and lack of prudence in spending.

For formats, the valuation continues to be much more positive than the big chains or small family business with a single point of sale, and also in the main arteries of Barna Centre with worse results in side streets.

Although expressed confidence that the campaign will close with better results than 2010, and despite the good start of it, it is expected that consumption will slow as the timing advance

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