Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Silver Rose, the Awards of Barna Centre

February 25th. 2011

On the night of February the 24, Barna Centre deliver the Silver Rose Award to the best commercial initiatives of the year. During the night, Swarovski was awarded as the best renovation and Agua Patagona, as the best business venture of the 2010.

Other awards were delivered. One was to the outgoing president, Santiago Martin, for his work, one award to the Cereria Subira for its 250 anniversary, and one very special award to the manager of Barna Centre during 36 years, Ma Lluïsa Coll.

Our president, Javier Cottet, accompanied by the new general secretary of Enterprise and Employment, Mr. Enric Colet, and the Mayor of the city, mr Jordi Hereu, in addition to distributing the awards, called for more involvement of the Administration. Javier Cottet call the autorities to help us to renewed our attractive as commercial area, retrieve the family audience, best facilitate access by private car or public transport and to have more spaces for rest and restoration to make our area more attractive. Also called for more control of ilegal competition and for the rationalization of the rules that apply to our trade.

During the night, were awaredthe attractiveness of the following commercial proposals in our area:

- Vinoteca Paladar del Carrer Estruc
- Hotel Catalonia Catedral, Arcs
- Yamamay de l’Avda Portal de l’Àngel
- Clarks, Canuda
- Jules, Portaferrissa
- Amorino, Portaferrissa
- Hydroponic, Palla
- Nunoya, Palla
- Mis Àngeles, Galeries Maldà
- La Mie Câline, Avda Catedral

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