Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Popular Festivity in la Rambla

September 27th. 2011

The territory neighbor and friend of Barna Centre, La Rambla, welcomes the autumn with a popular festival. On Friday will begin the festivities with a Cercavila that will walk, up and down, the traditional Rambla.
Featured Activities, Crafts New Fair in la Rambla de Santa Monica and free concerts of Lucretia and the Bing Band Jamboree in the Plaza Real.
Sunday will be the day of "Castellers" and a floral offering to the Verge del Roser and a exhibition of the City Police Mounted.
Finally, as the closing party, will be held the dinner in which Ramblistas handing out prizes to Lamazares Ramon, Joan Rossell and Hotel Bagués.

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