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Last Information On the Occupation of the Trade Retailer in Catalonia

February 14th. 2012

The last available information has been published in the Observatory of company and Occupation from Generalitat de Catalunya on the occupation of the trade retailer in Catalonia, correspondents to the fourth quarter of 2011, where we emphasize that:

- The occupation in the sector diminishes with regard to the previous quarter 5,3 % and closes the year with 301.000 busy persons

- In spite of the reduction, there are 10.600 busy persons more than the last quarter of 2010, due to the fact that the first three quarters of 2011 occupation has been created

- There is increased the proportion of busy men, up to a third part of the total (33,2 %) and her of autonomous (29,3 %)

- For ages, the band of 55 or more years is the only one that increases the occupation (100 persons) and represents already 14 % of the total, overcoming the weight of the youngest (16-24 years) that it reduces to 12,2 %

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