Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Gothic in Colors!

September 14th. 2012

For first time in Barcelona, you'll can see Gothic in colors. On october the 6yh, in Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas, between 12am and 20pm.
Amperson Consulting, Barna Centre, Amics of the Ramblas and the City Council, want to boost activity in this way, cultural, gastronomic and commercial center of Barcelona. The major festival of color is a multidisciplinary event, ready to enjoy all ages, children, adolescents, and adults.
The Avenida Portal de l'Angel and La Rambla be in charge of welcoming participants and other onlookers, while the remaining space is segmented into several zones classified by their colors, and to provide guidance for visitors in different locations.
The program includes, among others, live concerts, storytelling, theater, food tasting and Gymkhama of colors, where the skill and guidance will be awarded with interesting surprises. This is a walk through the streets and alleys of downtown, shopping, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, theaters and cultural centers in a unique occasion.

Welcome to the explosion of colors!

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