Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Festival of the elderly of the Association of Avinyó in the Plaza San Miquel

June 25th. 2018

This past Friday, June 22, we have celebrated the dance for the elderly that every year organizes the Association of Merchants of Avignon. This year it was celebrated in Plaça Sant Miquel that will soon be remodeled. In an afternoon full of emotions, dance and music, this small party has been organized, recognizing the role of our elders in the neighborhood and enjoying a stroll through our area and reaching the beach.

Regarding the remodeling, the purpose is to create a more playable and amiable space, and between the planned improvements will double the children's space and will generate areas of family stay and for walkers and neighbors, the Bi- cing on the Giants Street. It is a proposal designed by bringing children and families to the center of the square with innovative games and playgrounds. In addition, it will increase the vegetation and areas of soft flooring, including a children's pool. To complete the remodeling, the loading and unloading places and the car parks will be relocated, and this is why this month of June it has served as a pilot to carry out the necessary tests.

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