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Collectible cards with curiosities of the Gothic Quarter

February 1st. 2018

Do you know which is the most esoteric street in Barcelona? where is the square of the unknown militiaman hidden or what is the Angel Portal Portal's story? Do you know that there is still a coat of arms of the Inquisition and that none of the tourists who take photos under the Bisbe bridge do not usually see a disturbing skull that is perhaps real? We will explain to you who was the neighbor that nobody wanted, who considers himself self-founder of the Catalan religion, which is our favorite bandit in the Barrio del Pi and many other curiosities through some cards that you can pick up for free in our stores.

From the shops of the Gothic Quarter we have started a campaign aimed at the public of the city and all the people who enjoy discovering curiosities.

Collect a curious and entertaining anecdote that links the different streets of the Gothic Quarter to 24 collectible tokens that will be distributed free of charge from the shops closest to the places of interest, and that together with the new Gothic digital space on the web, www.barrigotic .cat, promote the rediscovery of this area of ​​Barcelona through the small stories hidden in the streets of the neighborhood.

The Gothic Quarter is one of the most (dis) known neighborhoods in Barcelona as there are as many hidden details as the city has centuries of history. Since the Roman Barcino was founded in the 1st century BC, this territory has been the historical, political, religious and, also, commercial nucleus of the city.
A unique uniqueness within the city and that hides many curious stories! Share your story with the trade and let yourself be surprised!

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