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Barna Centre

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June 26th. 2013

Start the presentations for the Award "Barcelona, ​​the best shop in the world" and therefore, Barna Centre will receive nominations and suggestions to be presented the candidatures.

This year marks the 16th edition of the award in different categories to recognize the work of associations, companies, organizations and people working in the world of commerce, and that make Barcelona a unique city.

Until July 15, participants can submit their applications to qualify for one of the seven categories containing this award

The rules and the entry form can be downloaded / trade and must be submitted to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs of the City Council (Ronda de Sant Pau, 43-45, 2nd floor , 08015 Barcelona) by the associative entity to which they belong, in this case Barna Centre. The proposal must be accompanied by the nomination sheet and explanatory report of the initiative, establishment or career.

The prize, remember that consists of seven categories:

1. Award for best commercial of the year entrepreneurship
2. Award for best group initiative for revitalizing the city's commercial
3. Award for contribution to the task of promoting trade and knowledge of the city
4. Award for business establishment
5. Award to sustainable business model
6. Award"cultural proximity Commerce»
7. Award "Barcelona, the best markets in the world"

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