Barna Centre

Barna Centre

50 % discount for Bargelona for our costumers!

November 27th. 2013

Many say that Christmas is a magical time and surely many children will remember as the special day they could Plaza Catalonia skating rink in the world's largest .

Now trading Barna Centre brings a little more this dream to its customers. If you buy in the shops of the center will have a 50 % discount voucher for 1 hour of skating ! And it is already running Bargelona , ice rink installed in Plaza Catalonia with the aim of contributing to the Christmas atmosphere of the city 's most important shopping season of the year.

Bargelona has been since its first edition , the ice rink outdoors Europe's biggest milestone this year than to become the largest in the world , with the added attraction of being covered on this occasion , he used the tent Cirque du Soleil last summer in Andorra.

Overview :

General admission : € 9
( skate rental for 1 h )

General admission : € 7
( skate rental for 1/2 h ) .

It required the ? Use guants.Pels who do not bring in the locker may be purchased at the price of 1 e

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