Barna Centre

Barna Centre

February 11th. 2011

Tradition, circus, dance and music are the ingredients of Laia, the winter popular festivity of Barcelona. From the 11 to 13 of February our city offers you a lot of activities ranging from traditional to more innovative urban culture to encourage the young and the old one to enjoy the city.

The proclamation of Santa Eulalia (El Pregó) will open the festivities. The first day of Santa Eulalia, all the giants of the city will parade through the narrow streets of the Quarter. If you ask them their name, they will answer "My name is Laia".

On Sunday 13 February, in Plaza de Sant Jaume, you'll can see the dancing of the Gegantona Laia, of giants and Àliga of the city. In the afternoon, you'll can enjoy the Correfoc with little devils.

And more activitys. Circus, dance and physical theater performances. "Barcelona Total Session", the breakers, where you will see the best bboys dance to the city of Grenoble.
Coinciding with the festivities of Santa Eulalia, different areas of the city, including City Hall, museums and the Botanical Garden will has free entrance.

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