Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Tour Barcino / NCB Pl Villa de Madrid

· Where? Plaça Villa de Madrid
· When? From June 1st. 2010 to February 4th. 2011

The History Museum of Barcelona (MUHBA) inaugurates the 'Guide Barcino Urban / BCN', a journey that will accompany you through the main Roman monuments of the city and will have as a starting point Sepulchral Via Romana, an interpretive center historical heritage will open its doors tomorrow.

The interpretive center is located at Place Vila de Madrid, and should the Via Sepulchral to the street between I and III century AD gave access to the city and was flanked by funerary monuments set out in the square.

In the center presents more than 60 unpublished funerary objects were found during excavations at the necropolis of Vila de Madrid, and two burials, a cremation and burial, with their respective outfits.

The cemeteries were located in the entrance ways of the city and, with the inscriptions located on either side of the road, they invited the wayfarer to revive the deceased persons repeating his name aloud.

The Urban Guide, which will have its starting point in Sepulchral Via Romana, will tour major monuments from Roman times among those aqueducts, workshops and factories in the Plaza del Rey and the August temple in the forum of the street Paradis.

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