Barna Centre

Barna Centre

1st International Day on Iconic Retail Shops in European Cities

· When? March 7th. 2023

The event seeks to develop shared strategies between Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Lisbon for the preservation of Europe’s historic retail establishments. Talks and round-table sessions will spark reflection and discussion to preserve and promotion of iconic shops, a valuable part of Europe's cultural, commercial and historical heritage. 

The conference, with the presence of international speakers and institutional participation of the European Parliament, will begin with a speech by the political representatives of the cities that are part of the European group: Paris, Lisbon, Rome and Barcelona. Following this, attendees will be able to visit an exhibition on iconic establishments; the European working group's report on European cities and commerce will be presented; there will then be another talk entitled “Europe and flagship retail establishments”, and a joint declaration will be made by the four cities on preserving and promoting such establishments.  Lastly, there will be a final talk on best practice in this type of business. The conference will close by acknowledging the figure of Maya Ruiz Picasso, who was closely linked with this trade. 

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