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Barna Centre

You don't miss the videos of Barna Centre's streets!

February 5th. 2019

The audiovisual becomes important in the use of networks: it can show the characteristics of a space or city, a product / service, a store or a restaurant or present the launch of a product.

Developing audiovisual capabilities in the digital space, also as a joint commercial space, is an opportunity that allows us to get closer to our potential audience: the visitor and the consumer, who as we know, is an omnichannel consumer (he / she wants to be able to interact and communicate with companies and brands through very diverse physical and digital channels).

YouTube is repositioned as a social network that can provide a competitive advantage in our area, in how much interest you have in the city, and in our commercial companies. Proof that this social network is becoming more and more important, is that its users do not stop growing every year.

It has more than 13 million users to the state and among so many people, is it possible that part of the public who has not visited the Gothic Quarter or who receives a not too positive image of the center?

After having consulted experts in digital markèting, they indicate the existence of a niche in youtube to promote the territory and we think it is a good positioning tool and for this reason we have started a renewal of the YouTube channel of Barna Centro, directed to this public: the one who has not visited the center for a long time.

Now you can see the clips from Portaferrissa, Petritxol Street, Portal del Ángel and Avenida Catedral y Obispo!

Gradually we will be hanging audiovisual clips of the different streets that are still missing, with curiosities of their heritage or history and their shops, under the common motto of (re) discover the Gothic. We will also disseminate it from the networks, and we encourage you to share it, and to give it visibility.

You can visit it on YouTube: Canal de Barna Centre!

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