Barna Centre

Barna Centre

With Barna Center participates in the Cosmopolitan Shopping Week

April 18th. 2012

From 11th to 16th June will be held the 2nd edition of Cosmopolitan Shopping Week in the area of Portal de l'Àngel - Portaferrissa
The goal of the event is to make available to the visitor incredible discounts and activities of interest to the public, which permit to increase the traffic in the area, promote the shopping before sales, and celebrate the feast of fashion.

How to participate?
Choose one, several or all of the ways you can get involved:

1. Standard Discount on the entire collection
2. Special discount on online shop
3. Premium discount on product selection
4. Planning an activity in your Cosmo store
5. Design your storefront more Cosmo


Cosmopolitan is dumped with the event offering more than 20 additional pages in the magazine in the numbers of June and August (683,000 readers), total coverage in their webs (8,991,450 hits), social networking (182,443 Facebook fans and 308,559 followers in twitter), mobile application (433,500 visits)
In addition there is a commitment to streetmarketing, placing visual elements that will allow you to recognize and define the circuit of shopping in a meaningful way (banner frames, banners, vinyl, posters, hostesses and information points in the street, etc. .) as well as other items in the shops of the circuit (shopping bags, event program, merchandising, sampling, etc. ..)

Where to go:

Send us a mail to [email protected] indicating that you want to participate and in what way

Our members

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