Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Sunday 17: Shopping Celebration!!

November 17th. 2011

From the Trade Gothic we invite customers to stores and optimism as an antidote to the crisis.
The trade center Barna, through La Rambla and the Gothic South, is diverse enough to meet the needs of consumers and for this reason that in the context of the Christmas campaign with the support of the District of Old Town, we held a big party next December 17th! to demonstrate the vitality of our downtown.
All the shops you may want to go out that day, and a table with a white cloth, and each establishment may carry out the promotional action it deems appropriate:
Discounts, offered a glass of champagne, 2 x 1, draw product, Christmas entertainment inside or outside the store and all the actions that each establishment to attract customers think and to present them.
From Barna Center are studying different entertainment options on our streets, to the installation of a children's inflatable to different streets and others.
We also propose to restaurants and bars in the area have a fixed price cap + drink or a menu for this special day of celebration, and the possibility of a couple of tables on the street.
To make this proposal a successful holiday is essential to involve all the shops in the area, as will the way that we are all beneficiaries.
As you mentioned this involvement can be of different forms, remove the shops on the street or activities within or outside your shop, you also suggest the possibility of balloons at the entrances to the stores as a good way to attract .
Remember that to get all the media coverage that we need, we all streets and provide all shops with their imagination and enthusiasm we will feast our area deserves.
We need either by phone or by mail before the 25th, we confirm what activity you will carry out the day, if you want to remove street stores, or make any other.


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