Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Succes of the free guided routes !

February 5,,2019

We have end the routes of (re)discovers the Gothic with a lot of satisfaction. The visits proposed have functioned very good and a total of 500 persons have enjoyed, through two different itineraries, of a strolled guided by the centre of the city where discover continuum a tracked of curiosities, anecdotes and legends of the streets of the Barri G˛tic.

An activity to celebrate the year of the Trade and the Culture, that can do with friends or family and that, have had very nice received. The routes offered gratu´tament, but the expense of management for reservation is of 1Ç. At all the participants has handed the ones a game of 24 chips of it anecdotari and a small detail.

We expect to return at repeating this activity well properament!

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