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Santa Clara Pastry Shop Draws Lots a Pascua's Monkey

February 27th. 2012

The Pastry shop Santa Clara of the street Llibretería, n º21 draws lots a Pascua's Monkey to collect funds destined for the Escola of Music Xamfrà.
Every year, the School of Music Xamfrà offers a final concert of course and to be able to prepare and test it they go away a weekend of colonies. Till now, they were receiving a subsidy, but due to the cuts they have withdrawn it. It's for this motive, which the Santa Clara Pastry shop has overturned with the Escola Xamfrà and a pascua's monkey has been donated and that will draw lots between all people who has bought a ticket ( Soon we will report where the tickets will be able to be acquired) .
The Pascua's monkey will be exposed in the Santa Clara Pastry, in the place they have in number 5 of Llibreteria street from March 10, the drawing will take place between the 28th, 29th and 30th March.

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