Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Santa Anna street celebrates its festivity with a lot of gifts for all!

July 22nd. 2011

For Santa Anna, on July 26th, the commercial establishments of the street Sta Anna will celebrate the festivity. They not will close, on the contrary, they go out on the street to bring its offer to citizens, neighbors, neighbors and visitors, and offer several proposals recreational and customer loyalty.
On Tuesday a thirty establishments will go on the street, which will be decked, will offer a glass of cava to women who say Anna. Also cloth bags will be given away to customers of the establishments.
This festive day will culminate the promotion of "Customer of the Year," an initiative through which reward you with a lot of products and services is worth over 600 euros, one of the customers from July 16 purchased in any of the participating establishments. On the other hand, during the day there will be street party, with Gegantons del Pi.
The initiative aims share the festivity with customers, and also make visible the vast and diverse range of shops and services available on this street.
We hopw you enjoy it! Come to visit us!!

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