Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Retail Barcelona Walk

October 20th. 2016

In collaboration with the COAC and in particular, the working group of the COAC, organized Route RETAIL BARCELONA WALK to shops of Barna Centre-Gothic. The aim of this publication is to show how some business models had to reinvent itself to adapt to changes in consumer habits and customer profile, looking for an attractive offer while original local customers and visitors to the city.
Through the responsible marketing and visual of our establishments (Cereria Subira TURRONES Vicens, Nike, Rituals and others) explained the task of adapting supply about new consumer.
With the presence of Oscar Guayabero and members of the College of Architects and Barna Centre.

Our members

Restaurante la Lluna
Complements Sales
Ella y Él
Prats Joiers
Can Boada SA, Impresion Digital, Foto Carnet, Tazas Personalizadas
Premier Cosmetic
La Caixa De Fang