Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Retail Awards: the best iniciatives of Barna Centre

March 11th. 2014

Businessmen of retail one more time, were held the traditional annual dinner of Santa Eulàlia . In this night we want to reward the best initiatives and commercial remodeling effort that allow to be the Gothic Quarter as a modern and dynamic area of shopping and culture.

With the first administration authorities and the business people, the event celebrate in the Hotel Le Mèridien, was a special meeting point.. The special mentions for outstanding initiative for the year were :

Gustos Bcn: Comtal 11
Aqua Patagonia: Pi , 5
Camiceria the Ponti di Rialto: Pi / Pl St. Josep Oriol , 2
Sabors d’Estruc, a Estruc 7
Af Sol, al carrer Lllibreteria 15
Butifarring del carrer del Call 26 (near la plaça St Jaume)

After this, el Conseller Felip Puig gave the main award " Silver Rose " to Mr. Kim Faura , for the remodeling of the building Mobile World Centre , which has become paradigmatic space served as headquarters for both capital technological Barcelona, ​​to bring citizens to the latest developments in the sector as well as experiment with new services and products. Sonia Recasens , gave the " Silver Rose " for the best commercial of the year 2013, to Fyord (Canuda 24) , for the the first direct selling shop of this Catalan company.

Mercè Homs , Raimond Blasi , Jordi Bailach , Sara Jaurrieta , Gabriel Jene, Jaume Tomàs, Maria Segarra and many more personalities were in this award following. Mentions were throught Casa Felix for his 75th Birthday, Admon Lottery C/Ferran, and Merce Morral for his work as president of the St. Joseph Oriol square .

Barna Centre brought a great and special recognition to the Museum of the City of Barcelona MUHBA in gratitude for the work done around the exhibition and conservation of historic heritage of the city , and another one to GUB of Ciutat Vella, for their involvement and effort work.

Afeter then, Javier Cottet , President of Barna Centre , closed the event with a few words addressed to the authorities to transfer the needs and petitions of the city center bussiness .

Thanks to all the participants for making special one more year this traditional event of Barna Centre!

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