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Barna Centre

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December 13th. 2012

Until April 2013 the students of nursery, 46 primary and secondary schools can learn a variety of trades and businesses, ranging from the preparation of bread, pastry, cakes, sausages and candy makers to bicycle repair or endinsament in the world of optics, among others.

It is a new edition of the program tours schools in the city's shops, an initiative of the City Council, through the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Municipal Institute of Education whose objective knowledge of trades between the students and the deepening of the history and culture of local commerce and local characteristic of the city.

Until April 2013, a total of 3,629 students in kindergarten, 46 primary and secondary schools in the city will be able to see first hand a wide range of professions. This is possible thanks to the generous collaboration of 22 shops in the city that open the doors of their establishment to show the activities that take place both in the store and in the warehouse, workshops and factories.

Specifically, participants in this edition are: optical Cottet, Ceres Subira Papabubble, Workshop Pasta Pastry Baylina, Space Bike, Michael Barber Griñó, Bracafé, Oven Baltà, Flowers and Plants Square, Marcillas Bakery, Super Meat Escofet, Weather Land, Puntosmile, drugs Rovira, Mark Palou, San Antonio Bakery, bacon Puig oven Trinity, Hardware Cofac, Bakery and delicatessen Elias Bosch.

They have put their ingenuity available to students to find creative and innovative ways to explain their jobs and make known the importance of trade in shaping our economy and city among the students.

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