Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Ready for la Mercè, popular celebration in Barcelona

September 15th. 2015

From the 18th to the 24th september, Les Festes de la Mercè will reflect more than ever what is Barcelona with an attractive, artistic and cultural, and also free, program of events. A new edition of La Merce, in honor to our patron, in the best of forms. For a week you will have the opportunity to witness the quality of the great festival of Barcelona. You can be part of the great street theater, and enjoy one of the pillars of the Festa de la Merce: traditional Catalan culture. The streets vibrate with Sardanas, Castellers, correfoc, bastoners, gegants, the esbarts, grallers and trabucaires.
Piromusical traditionally held at Montjuic will join with other creative activities with the most innovative technology. There will be audiovisual performances that will leave you with your mouth open. An example will be presented through the draft Eduardo Cajal, a sculpture made from a plane without wings that will travel our streets, the program also plays with new technologies and projecting from the Plaça de Sant Jaume's Eve festa major, to land in a fantasy world called La Festa de la Mercè.

Each year new features are introduced and integrated into the new party guests. This year we have several very special. On the one hand, in each edition we received a different city to show us their culture. This time we have with the people of Buenos Aires. Barcelona residents welcome the Argentine people to display their art and share in the cosmopolitan city, to make us new experiences without having to cross the pond.

On the other hand, we must speak of Toc d'inici of the party, which will make special guest preacher. This year Andreu Buenafuente open La Merce 18 Friday night.
If we are talking about public figures, who are conspicuous by their work and will be in one way or another present at this event, we can not forget to mention the artist who signs the poster of this year: Sean Scully. An Irish painter who fills his works of movement and rhythm, a benchmark of abstract art fused with minimalist art.
From the Gothic Quarter we encourage you to enjoy the festival of our city and remember that the little ones can participate in our drawing contest with his particular vision! You can see the full porgrama here

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