Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Raima: 25 years' Anniversary

September 5th. 2011

RAIMA ​​opened the door on September 1986 in the heart of Barna Centre. Today, 25 years later, remains a referent as a paper shop: Innovation, quality products, excellent service and personal attention are differential values ​​and facts that make RAIMA has earned the recognition as more specialized and professional development of its sector.
Diversification has also been instrumental in the development of the group which started a few years before, in 1979, with LA CARPETA. The year 1989 opened the second floor of the store RAIMA, double the total area of ​​the store allowed to offer a comprehensive service covering both traditional needs such as stationery products and services to design professionals and the arts. The 1990 was instaured a illustration and design Constest with the firm aim of helping artists to promote their work.
RAIMA is a reflection of the consistency and the effort to work with enthusiasm.
From our collective, we're pleased to congratulate RAIMA.

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