Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Protection of Iconic Shops of Barcelona

September 6th. 2013

We all remember the efforts made ​​by our Company to make the moratorium was extended LAU 5 years initially proposed at 20 finally approved . However, since the concern is the termination of the moratorium that began in 1994 to compute both the consequences for affected commercial establishments in which it was not possible to negotiation as the impact can be the face of our land commercial disappearance of their premises , since our company already promoted the creation of a Commission specifically involving the City Council and the various political groups and representative bodies , which analyzed ways to protect and aid that could be granted emblematic establishments concerned. The Commission finally established in October 2011, he was commissioned study identification Shops Emblematic of which we informed you already .
Barna Centre as a member of the Commission in order to find appropriate ways to continue these establishments , and architecturally valuable activities that could disappear tradition continues asking the authorities finding solutions equànims maintain the urban commercial landscape that characterizes the personality that is certainly a distinctive value attraction for visitors .
On July 4, was approved in the plenary of the Old City District , the adoption of a census to identify the affected premises and allow the general scope check our District . For this purpose , we ask that if you, you know.
Also , from the iconic shops Association has published a study on the proposed legal measures , administrative and fiscal benefits for the continuity of these establishments . This study also takes as a reference as we approached the issue in other countries such as Italy and France, will be discussed at the next meeting of the Commission. We will keep you informed.

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