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Popular celebration: Festes de Sant Roc

August 27th. 2015

The festivities of San Roc de Barcelona (or Gothic Quarter Festival, if you prefer) are the oldest le city this year will be held once 426a. Chocolate, habanera, falcons, parades, craft fair ... This festival has it all!

Thursday August 13
Starting at 10 am there will be a craft fair will be open until 21 there will last until Sunday. The starting point, but will be at 18:30 pm with the start of the inaugural parade in the neighborhood of Cu-cut top of the donkey, with a small pause to hoist the flag around 19.15 pm. To end the first day and a good start at 19.30 there will be a dance Sardana then a singing Habanera at 22 pm.

Friday, August 14

The second day is dedicated to the children of the house. From 17 am organized a drawing competition for children aged 2 to 14 years. At 17.30 start games for children: breaking the pot, sack races, play the egg and spoon ... There will also be a workshop for children of devils, and to finish this conference will be a session dances from 22:30.

Saturday August 15

Saturday will begin not with the children but with more hairy. At 12 pm the festival will find Dog, evidence and exhibits Dog training in collaboration with the Agility Club Barcelona.

In the afternoon, after the meeting of giants in 1730, will be one of those landmarks that can never miss a festival: the hot chocolate at 19:15. When everyone has already served his glass and has soaked the melindres, begin Gypsy Dance Mataro, Falcons actions of Vilanova and Barcelona and actions of the Giants of New Square.

The day will end with Cockaigne Plaza Nueva and a dance session with the show 'Crocodile Club'.

Sunday 16 August

Although you have gone to bed late the 'Crocodile Club', we encourage that you get up

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