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Barna Centre

Pop-Up Stores bring life to the Maldà Galleries

January 9,,2013

With the arrival of winter, and the phenomenon of Pop-Up  stores seem to have revitalized Galleries Maldà, thanks to a greater flow. Galleries Maldà, which were the first covered shopping galleries that had Barcelona, ​​opened in 1943, and achieving up to 70 stores, but lately the closing of many of these, together with refurbishment works that have been carried out, relegated to a oblivion they had not deserved.

It is for this reason that property, to try to reclaim the life that reached to have, there has done lately different actions. Together with the newly works in space, and to strengthen it, what is definately are the Pop-Up stores . This initiative is to fill the gaps in local activity for a specified time, in this case until January 14. Its success has surprised both promoters and the local shopkeepers are there for years, and now plan to a few stay there or repeat the experience.

Also, demonstrating the involvement of the commercial quarter with the most disadvantaged, this initiative has a social aspect as 5% of sales is intended to help Soñar Despierto Foundation, which supports children in need.

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Temple Bar Irish Pub
Pans & Company
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