Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Pla Srgent

May 7th. 2012

Ciutat Vella devises a plan to lift the trade: the Pla Argent, which seeks to promote retail, as a live an active trade, quality and unique.

To achieve this, the project proposes six objectives:

Encourage the development of trade associations.
Increasing the dynamism of the commercial sector.
Enhance commercial areas and encourage their connection.
Promoting a balance between commercial uses.
Ensure local shops.
Ensure the flagship stores.
Among the actions to be taken include the establishment of a trading desk, mediation, advocacy action plans in specific areas, cleaning blinds or communicative impact activities such as trade in the street, creating guidelines or contest showcases.

Our members

Hotel Gótico ****
Scala Dei
Guantería Alonso
Bar La Plata
Hotel Catalonia Portal l'Àngel ***
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