Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Permiloc & Barna Centre

September 26th. 2013

Launch event at Barna Centre on 09 November
The official launch will be held on the " street trade " , a day where there is more crowded and encourages buy in stores in the area. In this way , we can promote the new service center Barna your customers and prospective customers. This is a new service that you are offering to shop and make sure that usage and grateful summer
For a successful implementation , are preparing various items to put on the street and to involve users and future customers of the stores. Cubs giant banners , animations, columns 3m high with the image of App downloads and hostesses to encourage purchases and other items on the street .
With these actions the " Street Marketing " get the attention of passers-by and promote sales : final aim of all parties .

Three . Press Media
Thanks to our communications team , the media will be present at the launch , thus ensuring strong impact in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain.

We will be the first outdoor shopping center with the latest technology . Tell me it all ! It is the best opportunity we have to re- promote " local business ." We combine the latest technology with traditional commerce . Explain it to me and we Involving people in this new adventure

Organization raffle / contest
The competition organizers will generate more interest and encourage attendees and visitors to the area to see , try , buy and play (our common goal ) . Prizes will be gift certificates for different amounts to be used exclusively in your stores.

Social Media Campaign
Days before 09 /11 will take quizzes , create viral and promote collaboration . Exclusive promotions through Facebook users will move to Barna Centre , see and buy your bids . They give prizes / gift vouchers to use at participating merchants Campaign
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , we will be everywhere !

Our members

Amadeu Vidal
Hotel H10 Racó del Pi ***
L'Almoina Jove
Jaume Tenes Art Gallery
Villa del Arte Gallery