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Nativity scene of Plaša Sant Jaume

November 28th. 2012

The nativity scene of the Plaza Sant Jaume diorama pays tribute to the centennial of its founding in 1912 by Antoni Moline. A technique that creates the illusion of corporeal representation in three dimensions.

Inside three areas shine most emblematic scenes of Christmas. The rich heritage of the Catalan landscape painting inspired spaces.
- The Annunciation, in a courtyard style Rusi˝ol.
- The arrival of the Magi by sea, Ramon Marti Alsina inspired.
- The Nativity, in a dark corner with proper heat Joaquim Mir.

The delicate figures are from the factory centenarian who founded religious imagery Vayreda Joaquim, painter and creator of the Olot School of landscape, and his brother Mariano, also a painter and writer.

Also, just a few meters from this spot, in the Court of the City of Barcelona, presented the public exhibition of "Talarn, East to Manger" belonging to the Ethnological Museum in Barcelona, which has one of the best collections of co-Figures of the centuries XVIIII cribs, XIX and XX.

From November 27 until 6 January 11am to 20 hours!

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