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Barna Centre

Mercè 2014

September 17th. 2014

In September, Barcelona beat resumes after the summer but undoubtedly the star of the start of the new year is always the Festival of Mercy. Some days when the entire city center but specially, mobilized around events scheduled, filling the streets and sharing the best examples of our traditional and popular culture.

Mercy is also a wonderful opportunity to show that trade is culture and tradition, and that is why for 20 years, our company organizes children's drawing contest "Draw Mercy" in which it invited to participate all city schools and all children between 3 and 12 years.

Thus, not only our little artists demonstrate their knowledge of the diverse activities of the festival, but also have the opportunity to learn the trade of Barna Centre from a driving perspective of tradition, culture and celebration .

The jury each year it is difficult to choose the winners from among all drawings received and it makes a great party at the awards ceremony traditionally held at the City Hall Cent. The awards consist of gifts and vouchers for the school year are always equate to well received by families and schools.

If this year you want your store to be one of the places where children / are winners can redeem their Voucher, we've just said! Call 93 318 77 44 or write to [email protected]

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