Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Magical Fair in C/Estruc

March 5th. 2011

Carrer Estruc is one of the charming streets of the city of Barcelona and Centre Barna with a nice and unknowly history.

Estruc derived from Astruc, catalonian word which means good luck. Also it's referred to an herb healer, and by extension, it was applied to the ancient healers and all of those who practiced magic.
Currently still preserved along the street markings and esoteric symbols related to good luck and magic items, and even a plaque in memory of an old fifteenth century magician named Astruc of Sacanera.

.... Do you still believe in coincidences? We are convinced that we can live magical moments with you!! So for this reason C/EStruc invite you to learn more about our history and visit the Magical Fair every Saturday !

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