Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Legal reform for commercial activities of Ciutat Vella

April 25th. 2013

Municipal agreement will modify the Usage Plan with the aim of strengthening economic activity in the district, promoting the creation of jobs and shopping, without losing respect for coexistence between locals and tourists .

The agreement provides for the authorization of new economic activities in December restoration in areas not saturated (San Pedro, Portal de l'Angel, North Raval and specific treatment areas as Boqueria, Santa Catalina and San Pedro, Orwell, Picasso or Robadors The Call) and other areas, supported the removal of an existing license, without the old density requirement. Put diurnitat hour conditions to encourage activity and avoid disturbing the neighbors.

As for convenience stores, rises to 100 meters radius of 50 to prevent the proliferation of small colmados, fast food outlets, supermarkets' badulaques. "

According to this proposal for the amendment (though not definitive), the new Old Town Use Plan will build hotels of three, four and five stars, in the peripheral district and listed buildings, provided with maximum protection of the City Council to protect the architectural elements. All those not listed that way or not in this area perimeter may repay the license of any of the existing hotels as happened in the previous regulations. It also allows the expansion of existing businesses.
As for the apartments, the municipal government undertakes to approve a planning to regulate this activity in the Catalan capital. Pursuant to the agreement, this should be a specific rule that would have its particular regulation in specific areas of the city such as Old Town.

In addition, CiU and PPC have agreed to launch an inspection plan to put a stop to illegal activity or that do not comply with the regulations. It will keep the ban prostitution or gambling establishments, and prohibit new partners and associations of cannabis, among others.

Few days we will be available to citizens approved the document so that anyone who sees fit to do their allegations, which may be taken into account before final approval.
We will keep you informed!

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