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La Fira de Santa Llúcia is come back for Christmas

November 26th. 2012

This year the Christmas traditional Fira de Santa Llúcia adds more stops, since thirteen artisans have joined what is probably the oldest fair dedicated to Christmas traditions. These parties, Santa Llúcia Fair expands on dates and will be open from November 25 to December 23.
Santa Llúcia Fair is the oldest fair dedicated to Christmas traditions, because at least no record that has been held since 1786, and this year offers more Christmas than ever.
This year the event expands on dates, so I can go to renew crib figurines, buy or find mistletoe to give you everything takes to decorate your house, from Sunday, November 25, the day of St. Catherine , and you know how the saying goes, "Nadal Santa Caterina, a month full".
more stops
Furthermore, the Feria de Santa Llúcia, again installed in the Cathedral Avenue, this year adds thirteen stops, up to 283 in the world dedicated stops crib, vegetation and trees Nadal, crafts and bagpipes.
Specifically, have joined the show two stops sector cribs and figures, sector two trees, moss and herbs and new craft sector, which involves the expansion of one of the aisles near the Via Laietana .

Between 1 and Dec. 16 Fair St. Llúcia program a range of activities related to Christmas.
Every year, on December 14 occur a number of activities to coincide with the Feast of Traditions and Christmas customs, such as carols sung, an uncle or explaining popular Christmas stories.

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