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Barna Centre

Join us in Christmas Promotion "Avui Comença Nadal"

November 20th. 2014

The promotion is taking advantage of the date of the Christmas lights turned on in the city and the days following, participating establishments to promote the purchase. Specifically, from Friday 21 November (date of official ignited the Christmas lights in Barcelona) until Thursday 27 November, participating establishments offer their clients a check (voucher printed and validated / stamped by trade) to the amount decided by the trader according to their characteristics (10% of the purchase of the former client) that will be exchanged for the same product in store from Monday 1 December to 24 on the same month.
Example: If the customer has made a purchase amount of € 58, will deliver a check (we seal it and customize) of € 5.80 that the customer can redeem as a discount on another purchase, or paying for an item the amount of € 5.80, between 1 and 24 December at the place that has given him.
The aim is to bring back repeat customers and achieve a new purchase.
Not set mandatory minimum because the amount of the purchase is not important: for example, a grocery store to make a 5% discount and the customer makes a purchase, the discount will be 14 € 0.70 € and check back for the purchase will also be € 0.70.

The more participating stores, the promotion will be more attractive!

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