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September 25th. 2013

Impact on contracts prior to 1985.

Actions to be taken

Diagnosis and evaluation of its lease

Many circumstàcies and combinations that can participate in a contract before May 9 , 1985 to determine the extinction or 2014 2019 , or anywhere in between.

These terms affect contract holders are not the originals but they are replacing the original tenant , either by inheritance , subrogation , transfer ...

Given the multiplicity of cases , requires a careful assessment of each of the circumstances of the contract from its inception .

Once determined the specific condition of his contract and, therefore , narrowed the deadline for its duration , the next step is to renegotiate with the owner of the premises.

Renegotiate for business continuity

The renegotiation of the lease implies the termination of the current contract and the anticipated signing of a new lease that is avantajós by two parties.

It should be based on the expectation that involve a renegotiation of the rent increase that is met by local , to put it close to the market price .

In this regard , it is useful to know the average income of the area in order to negotiate an attractive price .

Why should renegotiate now ?

Traders who wish to continue in the same place beyond 2014 or 2019 should renegotiate the contract as soon as possible , otherwise the closer it gets the legal termination of the contract , the harder it will be to convince the property.


If the holder of a lease of the premises of your business signed before May 9 , 1985 , you may quickly deplete the period granted by law Tenancies ( LAU ) in force with respect to the duration of this contract .

Between December 2014 and no later than the same month in 2019 , the landlord can terminate your lease without oblicació to renew it or not entitled to any overtime.

This reflects the legal term treatment given to these contracts came into effect when the current LAU in 1995 and granted a period of adaptation of these rents between 20 and 25 years to remove extensions and forced them to adapt to the free market criteria .

So if your trade or business premises are leased , it is likely that approximately 6 in its continuity is affected by the termination of the contract notice . In some cases this involvement postponed until December 2019.


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