Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Indicators of Commerce

November 10th. 2010

Trade is an economic activity that includes daily management decisions and strategies for reinvented and adapt to changing buying habits of consumers, new market trends or the incoming of new operators. With the aim of providing data to know in detail those key aspects of the current business situation, Barna Centre participates in collaboration with ESADE and the Fund. Bcn Commerce in the creation of ICOBs (Indicators of Commerce). With the invaluable help of our stores, we collect a sample of his impressions which are made in relation to other areas of the city of Barcelona and here is extracted the information that analyzes the current situation of trade, consumer attitudes and the opinion around some of the public or the private services offered by the city.

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Our members

Casa Carot
Enrique Tomas
Bar Anduriña
Pastisseria Santa Clara
Sombrereria Obach
La Caixa De Fang