Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Here comes "La Laia"

February 1st. 2015

Santa Eulalia, Barcelona celebrates its Winter Festival with a large sample of popular culture for four days, from 6 to 12 February will fill our streets giant heads, dragons, devils, Sardana, castles, lace makers figures and many other activities and traditional roots, which are closer to the city center for people from all over the city.
In the Cathedral you will see the spectacle of music and dance to honor the patron saint and extolled the values of freedom, equality and justice she defended; in Plaça Sant Josep Oriol, Dance of Laie, the meeting of lace makers in Portal de l'Angel, the Correfoc Plaza Nova Arches, Castles and meetings Giants in Plaça Sant Jaume, the beats of the Laia Plaça del Rei .. and more! Enjoy Laia Barna Centre!

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