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Barna Centre

Here come the Sales!

July 2nd. 2013

Another year, come the sales, one of the most important moments for consumption and for trade and representing at least 20% of our annual sales. We hope, this year has started on a Monday, we have a good start to the season.
We are optimistic but it is very difficult to forecast what will, and at a time of sluggish consumption, but we are convinced that consumers are eagerly looking forward, after a spring where time has been with us and where we have a great stock to offer deep discounts.
In the Gothic Quarter, we have the advantage of being the commercial hub of the city center of Barcelona and have a very important flow of visitors.
Remember that on Sunday 7 all trade will remain open to the public.
Also at this time, has returned to jumping the subject of trading hours. Finally, the Constitutional Court has decided not to lift the suspension of Decree Law 4/2012 which governs this issue. From our organization we ask that you review a model that does not seem fair. The statements of our president, Javier Cottet, have returned to put on the table a paradox to be resolved: if more than 40 municipalities in Catalonia can open every Sunday because tourist have declared the debate however complicated, is also present in the capital in the city of Barcelona. Either all or none. It is not fair that attracts Barcelona consumption after consume out of town. We do not think of receipt arising to large domestic consumption out of town outlets.
Tourism has emerged as the main industry of the Barcelona brand. Decades has been invested to improve infrastructure and communications, to tell the modern world and the lure of Barcelona. Now is the time to reach agreements to the whole city wins and nobody loses.

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