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Chistmas Shopping in Barcelona: Sign up!!

September 25th. 2013

Like every year, with Barcelona Shopping Line, we are preparing the Trade Promotion Campaign abroad, in order to capture the maximum external demand, at a time of economic hardship in our industry.
This is why this year, we continue to count on your cooperation in Christmas Campaign Shopping in Barcelona, we started a couple of years ago, introducing some new features like QR codes.
As you well know, in this campaign will offer visitors a number of advantages to the hotels, such as the Commerce. We want in the case of Commerce, was a discount of 10% of their purchases, visitors who had the Christmas Shopping Card, or any application or QR code you downloaded.
For this reason, we request as soon as possible, the conformity of its establishment in the above proposal. This campaign would like to be in the countries of origin in October, and its duration would be approximately since 9 November to January 5, 2014.

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