Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Catalonian Government will inspect the trade on Sunday

July 20th. 2012

Recently the Spanish government has amended the rules relating to the trading hours: let freedom Hourly establishments up to 300 m2 open from Monday to Sunday. In relation to the surfaces or larger chains, has expanded from 8 to 10 the number of holidays that can be opened, allowing the number of weekly hours of opening of large stores pass 72 to 90. Similarly, in big cities like Barcelona tourist areas should be set completely free schedule.

However, the Government of Catalonia has made ​​clear through the Department of Commerce that the responsibility for their shopping hours, and therefore these changes do not apply to Catalonia.

Legislation inspections verifying compliance is: you can open a maximum of 12 workdays per day (72 hours per week), within the range between 7 and 22 hours are generally on Sundays s' must be closed except 8 of them, determined by Company and Employment. Exceptions: establishments with a sales area not exceeding 150 square meters specialized in selling personalized self-service or products of daily food, which they own small or medium businesses can open on Sundays and wishing holidays

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