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Barna Centre

Barna Centre will be discussing specific anti-crisis measures

November 1st. 2011

The Barcelona Creixement Round Table, which is chaired by the Mayor Xavier Trias, has set up the working groups that will look for practical measures for reflating the local and metropolitan economy.

There will be six working groups in all, made up by some seventy experts, economic and social agents. These will deal in a general way with the need to internationalise businesses and attract investment, redefine the role of the authorities to simplify administrative procedures in a way that will help businesses, make it easier to find funding, attract talent and entrepreneurs, revitalise society as the city's power house and promote multisectoral interrelations.

The round table "aims to be a tool where we will debate to keep ourselves up to date on those aspects that will help us pull through this crisis. We are interested in the table carrying out the twofold task of offering advice and criticism", said the Mayor.

The Second Deputy Mayor and head of Economy, Business and Employment, Sònia Recasens, insisted that the aim was for it "to be practical and discuss specific measures", in addition to "fast networking". "We are convinced that economic growth should bring us social progress, though it must be properly distributed", said Recasens.

The groups will be ongoing, though the people making them up may carry out their roles in turns, to enable proposals to come in from a broader range of experts.

The Barcelona Creixement programme was presented as a government measure at the Commission for Economy, Business and Employment in September, and this is its second meeting, the first having taken place on 28 July.

Another meeting will be held in December and a second round of working groups will be set up with other possible participants some time between March and April 2012. The round table will subsequently be convened to assess the measures that have been implemented and monitor work of the working groups

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