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Barna Centre

Barna Centre release social network profiles and give tikets to 080 Barcelona Fashion

January 20th. 2012

Do you want to be a guest on 080 Barcelona Fashion?

Barna Centre launches social network profiles and to celebrate it, we give for 2 pairs of tickets to the 080 Barcelona Fashion parades between users become a fan of our Facebook page and 2 pairs of tickets among those who become followers of our Twitter profile . To get them, you just have to go through our website or visiting the following links (Twitter / Facebook)

The 080 Barcelona Fashion is a reference projection design in the fashion industry.

Between 25 and 28 January, the Plaša del Rei will host in its proposals from designers such as Krizia Robustella, Josep Abril, Manuel Bola˝o, Yiorgos Eleftheriades Sololaverdadessexy or.

Also you can follow the news, activities and promotions that may arise in Barna Centre or in the Gothic Quarter.


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