Barna Centre

Barna Centre

Barna Center gives the awards “Rosa del Plata“

February 12th. 2010

The Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Pelai street was the scene of the traditional dinner of Santa Eulalia and ceremony of the Silver Rose Awards, an event that celebrates his coming of age in this 18 Editing. At this meeting Barna Centre awards to those establishments that decided to renew in 2009 and also those innovator who settled in the territory of Barna Center. The awards were presented by authorities as the delegate of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Carme San Miguel, the Mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, Councilwoman District Ciutat Vella, Itziar Gonzalez, and president of Barna Center, Santiago Martin.

The fashion store Antony Morato, the C / Portaferrissa, received the award for best implementation while the prize for best shop went to the library remodeled Happy Books-The formiga d'Or, at Avda Portal de l'Angel . The jury also awarded a second prize to Bolsos Guido, Ferran, 14 for their remodeled store and Zara Portal de l'Angel, for her commitment to the environment, opening the first store eco-efficient de Catalunya.

Special mentions were also awarded to the following finalists: Scorpion, the c / Portaferrissa Art'e Cre-c / Canuda, of the host Barcelona C / Call and Yamamai of Cucurulla

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