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Barna Centre

Barcelona will open stores in summer

June 19th. 2014

The schedule is agreed that the holidays from 10.00 to 18.00, and not only in the Old Town and the Eixample, but extends to areas of Sants-Montjuïc and Grace and Camp de l'Arpa (San Martin).

The agreement affects commerce located in the tourist areas of the city that can open on Sundays eight hours of summer, and leaves out the stores, which are located in areas of tourist interest.

The agreement clearing the enlargement timetable blocked by the opposition in full in May. Among the details of the agreement stresses that, instead of asking the declaration of the entire city as a tourist area and sought the government team, we ask only for districts and tourist districts, so leave out large stores, since most are not located in this type of environment.


Thus, the tourist shops in Barcelona can open on Sundays in July and August and 15 September. The agreement contemplates that the PPC also may do so between 10.00 and 18.00, instead of between 10.00 and 14.00, as proposed CiU.

Much of the sales

The agreement comes at a crucial time for trading Barcelona, ​​where foreigners account for much of the activity in some areas. The old aspiration to become Barcelona city style shopping in other European capitals seems closer than ever, but will require an agreement to cross not only in summer.

Proposal shops

The proposal traders from central Barcelona is still possible to open eight hours, midday, spring holidays and autumn, which is "when tourism is more focused on shopping in the city," although in the long and gradual manner, the optimum scenario for the association is that the tourist areas would open all public holidays throughout the year.

Winter Tourists

The solution to open in summer only partly satisfies the commercial sector, as the summer tourism that comes to town is not so fond of 'shopping'. In winter purchases by foreigners in the city are higher.

Consumption habits

The commercial sector of the city center shows that the opening of shops on holidays affecting the other shops in town, or even have effects on the consumption habits of the common people. It is true that up to 70% of sales to the commercial areas of the center are aimed at foreigners now (even in department stores) and this is a business opportunity that the sector is ready to defend

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